Who We Are?

Our Mission

FARs (Far Above Rubies) Ministry started in September 2013 as a group of ladies who wanted to know what it meant to be a virtuous woman, and decided to do a bible study on Proverbs 31. However, we were in different states of Nigeria, so we created a WhatsApp group (social media platform). At the time, the group was called “The Proverbs 31 women” based on the study. Later, the name was changed to Far Above Rubies, popularly known as FARs.


As the study came to an end, the Holy spirit placed it in my heart that it was the first of several studies; this was confirmed by several witnesses and FARs was born.

The Vision

The vision of FARS is to build godly, balanced women of purpose and virtue by the instrument of God’s word, which we believe is the only instrument of change. It can turn a “lady of the night” into a minister of the gospel. We prioritize God’s word and give it utmost Authority in our lives.

We have series of teachings monthly on both groups. Every year, we have a Word and Worship conference where ladies gather from all over the country to worship God and fellowship with His word. We also publish quarterly journals which contain 2 complete teachings and are a great resource. To download past journals for free, click here

Our Groups

We have two groups; 

These teachings have been a great blessing to so many people so we decided to create a platform where many more ladies from all over the world could freely access all these resources.

We believe that as you read through, you will receive answers to questions in your heart and be stirred up to become all that you can be. The lioness in you will awaken and you will become an indomitable woman of purpose.

Dorcas Omodieke

President, FARs